Samantha Swords Review of Talhoffer Society

Samantha Swords is an actress and a celebrity, particularly in the Western martial arts community. She has a blog on Tumblr and recently honored me with a review of The Talhoffer Society, which is linked below.

In this review, she writes about Freddie, the female POV character:

"Edelson manages to portray a strong and supremely-deadly woman as also someone facing that horrifying affliction of mortals; incremental loss of bodily function, and the unspeakable shame that comes with it. Freddie is both sharp and fragile, and quintessentially feminine."

This is probably the most exciting thing I have yet to read in a review. As a male writer, I often struggle with doubts about my female characters. Are they believable as women? Do I do them justice? Am I falling victim to stereotypes or tropes without meaning to? Knowing that I have succeeded, at least with this one character, is incredibly rewarding. Thank you, Samantha Swords!

Here is the review: