Michael lives in upstate New York with his wife, two kids and too many pets. Although he knew from an early age that he was meant to be a writer, he did everything possible to thwart his destiny. After growing up in Coney Island during the crack epidemic, he  joined the army, sailed the open ocean, flew down the highway in a two-wheeled death machine and attempted to murder his creativity (and will to live) by spending almost 20 years doing technical writing and other IT work. Miraculously, he survived.

Even now, when he can write full time, he keeps spitting in the eye of fate. He is a firefighter with the Andes Fire Department, teaches historical fencing and travels excessively. He has spent decades studying and teaching various martial arts, earning several black belts along the way. He had to mention that part because his newest release is a thriller, and thriller writers sell more books if they have black belts. He learned this by reading dozens of “about the author pages” before writing this one. He also trains heavily in the use of firearms and has taken various tactical classes, in which he was repeatedly shot in the face with simunitions.